Wednesday, 8 January 2014

About me

I graduated with honors from George Brown College’s Culinary Management program. While there, I volunteered in the school’s many career fairs and productions, and was awarded a scholarship for commitment and passion in the culinary field. I gained valuable experience while working in the banquet kitchen of a popular restaurant in Mississauga and at an Extended Care facility in Scarborough often catering to clients with food allergies and dietary restrictions.

In my current position, I work closely with the BGMS Head of School and Administration to create an variety of nutritious and tasty menu items, acknowledging the diversity of the school. In managing the Food Services, my goal is to support and encourage lifelong healthy eating habits for the students. He believes that a nutritious diet combined with regular physical activity supports proper physical and intellectual growth and development in children, giving them the best opportunity for a healthy lifestyle in the future.

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